Barka Parka, king of the bean bag dog bed, we are so happy to have found this company!  

Based just down the road in Somerset, Barka Parka have been making bean bag dog beds since 1979, so it’s safe to assume they know a thing or two about the humble bean bag.  All of their beds are handmade in their workshop, they are filled with fabulous Biofoam beans (more on those later) and come with a three year warranty.

barka parka dog bed


Why choose a bean bag?  Well, there are at least three good reasons we can think of…

  1. They are good for your dog.  Often when choosing a dog bed we are torn between comfort and good looks, not so with Barka Parka.  A bean bag bed offers amazing comfort and support, those teeny beans provide support in all the right places without any of the lumps or bumps that you can find with traditional bed stuffing, and they do it every time your dog gets into bed no matter whether they are stretched or curled or upside down!  Biofoam beans are also a good insulator, they are made from tiny trapped air bubbles which prevent heat from flowing through and being lost, which ultimately means your dog will be cosy and warm on their beanbag. Barka Parka bean bags are great for all dogs bust especially good for older arthritic dogs who might need additional support and comfort.
  2. They are good for the environment. Made using the Biofoam eco beans, a new patented foam that looks and feels just like Polystyrene but, but, but, and we are very excited about this bit, Biofoam beans made from plant materials and they are organic, biodegradable and Carbon Neutral. 
  3. They are good for you!  We all want to look at a fabulous dog bed and Barka Parka bean bags will keep looking good and feeling good for a very long time. Covers can be slipped off and washed as often as you like, keeping your dog bed looking and smelling fresh, you can even buy a spare cover to mix it up while the other is in the laundry.  The best bit by far though is the warranty, so confident are they that this bed will last, Barka Parka offer a three year warranty on the fabric and manufacturing.
Dog in barka parka bean bag

Available in a multitude of colourways and sizes there is bound to be a Barka Parka that suits your dog and your decor!  We have a brilliant stack of these in the shop which you are most welcome to come and try for size and comfort. There are even beds with special envelope pockets on the top for dogs like dachshunds, terriers and whippets who like to tunnel under a blanket to snooze!

sparky on a barka parka dog bed

...and Sparky loves them too!

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