Busy Day Treat Bars - Doghouse
Busy Day Treat Bars - Doghouse
Busy Day Treat Bars - Doghouse

Busy Day Treat Bars

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Bite-sized bars for busy adventurers, these treats are packed with protein-rich goodness. 25g.

The more fun you’re having, the less you care about getting home in time for dinner. The same is true for dogs. Fortunately, these Busy Day Bars are the perfect pocket-sized snack. Designed to keep dogs-on-the-run feeling full of energy until it’s time to head home.

These grain-free bars are full of simple, irresistibly healthy ingredients. We source the best cuts of meat for maximum meatiness and high-quality protein. Then we ramp up the tastiness with lots of fruit and vegetables such as apple, beetroot and carrot (which are full of natural vitamins and minerals). Everything is carefully cooked and packed (in a 100% biodegradable bag), and – last but not least - we give 10% of our profits to the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka.

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Composition of Lamb & Beef: Beef 60%, Lamb 25%, Glycerol (from rapeseed oil), Minerals, Beetroot 0.67%, Apple 0.67%, Carrots 0.67%.

Composition of Duck & Chicken: Chicken 70%, Duck 14.5%, Potato, Glycerol (from rapeseed oil), Minerals, Broccoli 0.67%, Peas 0.67%, Carrots 0.67%.