Collar Night Light - Doghouse

Collar Night Light

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This little tag is just brilliant.  It attaches to the collar by a solid stainless steel caribina clip that runs right through the casing making it very robust indeed and means that this little beacon is going nowhere once it's on, it's on.  The bright LED light is visible over 300 metres away and has a rubber casing which stands up to the toughest wear and makes it brilliantly water resistant.  We have sold many different brands over the years and this one is the best by far.

It has two light settings, flashing or continuous and is available in red, white, blue, green and the colour changing disco light (but be aware that it rolls through a colour change sequence on the static light option only, if you select the flashing option it is red only). 

Batteries last approximately 25hrs on flash or 20hrs on continuous and can be replaced by peeling off the back cover.  Replacement batteries are available for £3.