Goodwood Chew - Green & Wilds - Doghouse
Goodwood Chew - Green and Wilds Dog house
Goodwood Chew - Dog Chew Eco Friendly
Goodwood Chew - Doghouse

Goodwood Chew

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GoodWood is a long lasting chewable coffee wood that stimulates your dog to chew time and time again. Chewing gives natural dental care, reducing plaque and preventing gum disease. GoodWood is 100% natural and contains ZERO calories and is FREE from caffeine and artificial ingredients.

Long-lasting entertaiment for our four legged friends. goodWood is very hard, yet rewards your dog with a sense of achievement and its portable shape allows your dog to take it anywhere.

goodWood flakes away releasing tiny fibres of wood, so there is no need to worry that they will interfere with your dog’s digestion or cause choking. goodWood is very unlikely to splinter, however, we would always advise you supervise your dog when giving them ANY treat or chew.

Small - for dogs up to 10kg
Medium - for dogs up to 20kg
Large - for dogs from 20kg and up


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