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Antler Chews

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Antler chews are the toughest natural dog chew we have come accross, we've been selling them in the shop for over two years and have found they are simply the best teething chew for puppies and because they are entirely natural they are great for dogs with sensitive tummies.  They don't split, they don't splinter, they are virtually odourless and, let me reassure you, Bambi was not harmed in the process of gathering these chews.  All the Antler chews we sell are naturally shed from free ranging deer.

We sell a variety of antlers for different chewers; the easy chews are sections of antler that have been cut lengthways to expose the marrow making it more inviting to encourage the lazy chewer.  Tough chews are cut lengths of antler that need more work to get to that all alluring marrow, great for determined chewers.  Then we have the speciality chews, basically softer Fallow Deer antler that has been cut into varying sizes of chew suitable for older dogs and softer chewers.

Medium chews will be in the region of 10/11cm long.
Large chews will be in the region of 12/18cm long.
Extra Large chews will be 16cm plus in length.

Fallow Strips are in the region of 6 x 10/12cm.
Fallow halves are in the region of 12 x 18cm.

Sizes listed are given as a guide only individual sizes will vary depending on the density of the marrow and the circumference of the antlers.

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