Meet the original Shop Girl, Ruth Warren, owner of one smallish Border Terrier called Sparky and a little shop selling good quality pet products.  Ruth spotted a gap in the burgeoning service/retail/cafe culture and DOGHOUSE was born.

Sparky, the Shop Dog, Border Terrier, ratter, beggar and tennis ball thief.  The silver-haired, scruffy, opinionated little dog that started it all.  Sparky can usually be found asleep in his doghouse under the counter or clearing the floor under the cafe tables.

Team Doghouse.  Lou, Katie and Jane, three of the amazing team that we have been lucky enough to have worked in the Doghouse. These women are exceptional, their expertise in all things dog, their commitment, compassion and kindness are what makes the difference.  Then there are other equally brilliant and important members of our team, Sue, Pam, Catherine, Claire, Natalie, Philippa and Marnie, I just don't have an entertaining picture of them kissing a BoA Business Award to show you what they look like!