New Balls Please!

Welcome to our timely guide to the best balls a dog could have. 


With Wimbledon upon us it seemed obvious that we should centre our first guide on the humble ball, every dogs favourite toy and you can understand why! You can chuck them, chew them, chase them and catch them all day long. 

So here are our top picks for the best balls out there, all available from Doghouse, in-store and online.


  1. The Doghouse Tennis Ball (well we would say that, wouldn’t we!)
doghouse tennis ball

These aren’t just any tennis balls. These are Doghouse tennis balls, made by the only tennis ball manufacturer in the United Kingdom, J Price of Bath, who also just happen to be based not five miles from us and if they are strong enough to take Andy Murray’s serve, they’re good enough for us. Available in an array of bright colours and priced at only £1.95 each from here.

Launcher Compatible ✓






     2. ChuckIt Breathe Right

    chuckit breathe right

    Run further, fetch longer! This is a high performance ball, designed to allow airflow into dogs’ lungs enabling them to breathe while running & fetching. Available as a medium or large ball and compatible with both sizes of the ChuckIt launcher. Buy yours here from only £7.00.

    Launcher Compatible ✓






     3. BecoBall - The Eco-Friendly Dog Ball

    becoball beco pets dog toy

    There are so many great features to this dog ball, meaning it's a firm favourite in Doghouse. It has a hole for treats to keep dogs occupied and it’s made from rice husk rubber instead of plastic meaning it's kinder to the environment as well as having a delicious vanilla scent! It is so tough that every ball comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    Available in three colours and three sizes, get yours for just £5 here.

    Launcher Compatible X





    4. JW Pets Hol-ee Roller Ball 

    hol-ee roller dog toy JW pets

    This tug-and-treat ball is high on our list of faves as it’s made from completely natural, certified non-toxic rubber. It’s soft and bendy, perfect for an older dog to catch or a young puppy to play with. Treats can be hidden inside which makes playing with the Hol-ee Roller even more exciting! We recommend using large natural treats such as pigs ears inside this ball to occupy your dog for hours.

    Buy yours here from £4.50.

    Launcher Compatible X




    1. KONG Puppy Activity Ball
    kong puppy activity ball

    This is a must-have for all young pups! The soft puppy rubber is designed to soothe aching gums and promote positive chewing behaviour. The KONG Denta-Ridges allow the ball to become a fun treat dispenser when you sneak goodies inside it. For dogs up to 9 months of age. 

    Buy yours here from £7.00.

    Launcher Compatible X





    6. The ChuckIt Ultra Ball 

    chuckit ultra ball

    The second ChuckIt on our list (can you tell we’re fans of this well thought out range of throwing toys?!). This classic, durable ball has been developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy and high visibility for fun in the water and on land, a reliable, resilient ball if you have a destroyer dog!

    Buy yours here from £6.00.

    Launcher Compatible ✓





    1. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball
    diamond planet dog orbee tuff ball

    This ball boasts the durability of diamonds and the strength of steel, it is so tough that you will get your money back if your dog can chomp through it. It rates 5/5 on the Chew-O-Meter, is infused with natural mint oil and has a treat spot where treats can be hidden inside.

    What’s more, every sale contributes towards canine service programmes with the Planet Dog Foundation.

    Buy yours here from only £14.50.

    Launcher Compatible X




    8. SportsPet High Bounce Rubber Ball 

    sportspet rubber bounce ball

     If you are in need of a simple and classic yet durable ball for your dog, SportsPet Rubber Balls are perfect. They are always non-toxic and come in an array of bright colours for high visibility. You won’t believe how high these bounce!

    Buy yours here from only £4.00.

    Launcher Compatible X





    1. Starmark DuraFoam Ball
    star durafoam yellow ball

    Last, but by no means least, is the DuraFoam ball, don’t be fooled by its soft pliable texture, we have found this ball to be virtually indestructible over the years.This ball is soft enough for interactive play, indoors and out. As it’s lightweight, it can be thrown far and it floats, perfect for a walk on the beach!

    Buy yours here from only £4.00.

    Launcher Compatible ✓





    So there you have it, Doghouses’ 9 best balls to end Wimbledon with a smash!

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