Are Dog Grooming Salons Allowed to Stay Open in England’s Second Lockdown?

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can dog groomers stay open in lockdown?


The UK will be entering a second lockdown from Thursday 5th November onwards and we are aware that non-essential shops such as pubs and restaurants will have to close.

But will pet shops be closing in lockdown? Will dog grooming salons be closing in the second lockdown?

We have known for a while that pet shops in the UK can remain open, as they serve as a lifeline for many dog owners to buy food and other necessities for their dog. We here at Doghouse stayed open throughout the first lockdown and we were happy to be able to serve those in need.

We have had confirmation from the UK Government on the 3rd October 2020 that Dog Groomers WILL be allowed to stay open during the second lockdown. Our MP has confirmed this in writing.

We are delighted and we will be continuing grooming throughout November 2020. All appointments that are currently booked in will remain as so. Stopping dogs from being able to be groomed can cause real issues like matting and ingrown nails. Our fabulous team are committed to the health and wellbeing of your dogs and we are delighted that the UK Government have decided to open grooming salons to stop these issues from happening.

We will continue to update you all if anything changes but for now, we are very happy that groomers can stay open throughout lockdown 2.0 so our little four-legged friends get the treatments they deserve.

Best wishes,

Team Doghouse x

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