Bulls Pizzle Natural Dog Treat
Bulls Pizzle Natural Dog Treat

Bulls Pizzle Natural Dog Treat

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Bulls Pizzles are one of our top sellers from our natural treat range. Often also referred to as Bully Sticks, these Bulls Penis parts are a 100% natural alternative to rawhide chews. They are lower in fat, high in protein and fully digestible.

They are gentle on the tummy so suitable for puppies of all sizes too!

All our air dried natural treats come from highly reputable sources and are fully approved and inspected. Bull pizzles are often used as a safer alternative to rawhide for a digestible chew for puppies (although we do still recommend that you supervise when they are being eaten).

Each pizzle will vary in size slightly but the standard size measures approx 12cm long.

More Information

Bulls Pizzles can aid in keeping gums healthy, removing tartar and can help clean teeth if used regularly. As always though we do like to remind dog owners that nothing beats teeth brushing. We recommend that if you want to make the Pizzle even harder that putting it in the freezer overnight is a good option. Not only does it make it a little tougher but it is also good for teething gums if being given to a teething pup.

As with all our tougher chews, we would recommend that you supervise your dog whilst they are eating the Pizzle. Although it is fully digestible and carries less of a risk than products such as rawhide, if a large chunk is swallowed this could cause a choking hazard. As with all treats you should feed Bulls Pizzle in moderation. The amount will depend on the size of your dog but we don’t recommend feeding more than one a day and we always suggest people remember than as a general guide treats should not make up more than 15% of your dogs daily diet.

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